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   Battle Realms PC Game

 Setting and character in the game are clear and inspired by some of the most spectacular films of Hong Kong martial arts - especially by director / choreographer Tsui Hark - as well as some action-packed Japanese comics and animated films, such as bloody and stylish Ninja Scroll. The order of battle in a remarkable style featured in last year's film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is also a good frame of reference for what can we expect from the fighting in the Battle Realms. There is nothing unusual in the fictional world of the Far East game-like - even simple peasants can fight as trained martial artists should the need arise. All units of a variety of games and characters do not just stand next to each other and hack away, as in most real-time strategy game. Instead, they will attack with a variety of movements and techniques and put on quite a show in the process. Field of interest and detailed graphics as a whole can be found in the game, the Battle Realms does look impressive.

Screenshot  Battle Realms PC Game
Screenshot  Battle Realms
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
400 MHz Processor
600 MB HDD space
4x CD-ROM Drive
DirectX 7 compatible 16 MB video card
DirectX 7 compatible sound card

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Password : gudang-gamers
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